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Barnsey’s love of Cheap Wine and Three Day Growth

Some Australians already know of Barnsey who is a legend vocalist of the band Cold Chisel but did you know that I have created his alter-ego on the MMRPG of World of Warcraft? Actually, one of my toons (characters) lovingly named her bear after Jimmy Barnes because he too loves cheap wine and 3 day growth. The character, Whiloe, who is a  night elf huntress on the realm(server) of Silver Hand can tame many animals but the one she holds dearest to her heart is Barnsey. She did have a Barney but she decided to give him up when she discovered Barnsey near Everlook.

Whiloe with Barnsey about to enter the world!

Whiloe with Barnsey about to enter the world!

Better look at Whiloe, Barnsey is shaking his head so you don't get a clear look at him.

Better look at Whiloe, Barnsey is shaking his head so you don’t get a clear look at him.  His excuse is all the cheap wine making his vision blurry.

I had never heard of Jimmy Barnes or the band Cold Chisel until I moved from the land of my birth. I do enjoy their music though. It’s considered to be pub rock.  I never heard that term until I came to Australia but now I get it totally. They have been around quite a while, something like over 20 years. Jimmy Barnes and Ian Moss are headlining a tour soon in my area. I should have bought tickets. Sorry about my digressing from the subject of Barnsey but I thought I would let you into my thoughts about my Barnsey and his love of Cheap Wine! Ian Moss shouldn’t feel left out. I have a Draenei huntress named Neches who tamed a ravager called Mossy in the realm of Lightbringer.

I do love writing fun random posts so I thought this could be a cool subject to do! I leave you with the song that inspired Whiloe with the naming of her Barnsey.

Photos, Video and my first attempt at an Audio Blog featuring Wreckage on Safety Beach with Video.

My friend, Sally, kept telling Adam and I about how spectacular the wreckage of a scuttle (schooner) please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject of what exactly the wreckage is but it is a ship of some sort not far from Woolgoolga Beach. She told us about it yesterday. In fact, she told us about it last week but Adam and I just never got out timing right except today we went at low tide which inspired me for today’s blog.  We have seen this before but today it was more exposed than we have ever seen it.

My blog today is going to be a proverbial smorgasbord of photos, sound, and actual footage of the wreckage.  The audio blog is 33:58 minutes long. I hope Adam and I don’t bore you too much. We know how very fortunate we are to be where we are. I love sharing and thought this might help you explore my area in a really cool way. I want to put a shout out to prayingforoneday because I took a pic especially for his missus of a king charles spaniel.

first glimpse of Safety Beach view of Woolgoola from the top part of the steps to Safety Beach The Sheoak I had Adam feelThe rock outcropping off of Safety Beach crossing Darkum creek with a view of Woopi Sponge Darkum Creek empties into the ocean For Ms Shaun a king charles spaniel shot of Darkum creek The wreckage The shell that didn't get away The first photo is a glimpse of Safety beach when you approach from the walking path from the street. Second photo view from top of stairs to go down to Safety Beach which gives you a glimpse of Woolgoolga Headland. Third photo the She-oak Adam felt. Fourth photo is crossing Darkum Creek and you can see out to the ocean. There is an outcropping of rocks that kayakers and canoers love going to. I love the spot to play in the surf. We can drive here if I am lazy or walk from our place with the dogs. It’s a nice walk. Fifth photo is showing Woolgoolga. The creek is also flowing out to the ocean. Sixth photo is of a sponge.  Seventh photo is of a King Charles Spaniel with mistress. Eighth shot is looking back towards Darkum Headland you can see the creek flowing. Ninth is the still of the wreckage. Final shot is of the shell that didn’t get away. Adam teased me! I actually thought he had thrown it away because he didn’t reveal it to me again until I found it on my desk which I refuse to show due to the cluttered state I keep it in.

Lastly I will leave you with the footage that I took which I posted to Youtube. I hope you enjoyed the blog. I might have gone over board with the audio/video but I will find out if anyone decides to commit.

I know the audio is a bit flaky due to the wind but you hear it I think much better on the audio blog. If you like this sort of thing, please let me know if you want to see more.

Velvet is a deceased guide dog who was a ginger retriever I mentioned her and just realized you wouldn’t know who in the world Velvet is.

Here’s a link from the Coffs Advocate about the wreck:

Paul Mac: Song writer, producer, musician

When I moved to Australia back in 2002, I had no idea who Paul Mac was. I am hoping with this blog to expose you to some of my happy discoveries which I really treasure. Paul Mac is just a musical genius in my opinion. He has a wonderful ear as well as poetic style which I fell in love with when I heard “Just The Thing” from his album 3000 Feet High. I loved it so much, I bought the album. As I listened to it, I loved every song which he had written. It really spoke to me.

His next album, Panic Room, was really great too. The first song released was Sunshine Eyes which reminded me of Adam except it wasn’t Adam’s eyes I thought about it was Adam’s smile. Again, every song on that album was just terrific.

He has worked on many projects which I think are enhanced because of his ear. There is something very special about Paul Mac. I love the way he selects different singers for different songs. It’s just magical. I just discovered soundcloud and am thinking of maybe doing an audio blog with it. The idea is definitely appealing.
Missy Higgins does a collaboration with Paul Mac that he has posted there from a movie of a classic song by a band called Sherbet. The song is Howzat! It was a really different take which I liked. I liked the original but the version they did was pretty cool. I have added the two songs below so you can have a listen!

Paul Mac, if you ever want a back up singer or lyrist please look me up! HEE HEE! A girl can dream!

Strangeness Attractor

I must have a strangeness attractor deep inside me. I don’t know why I have a knack for finding the strangest people and befriending them. It must be an invisible aura or tattooed in invisible ink on my forehead.

I know the definition of normal isn’t really normal but frankly,  I must have a curiosity detector or extremely weird vibe I give off. I don’t mind being different but there are limitations to it surely.

Here’s an example I will give, in July 2012 after returning from a visit to the USA I was contacted on facebook by two complete strangers who both just happened to be widows. I have in my public profile that I am married. They were both looking for love hoping to find it with me. I guess I can blame the fact that I put up a profile pic with me standing besides my nephew’s corvette. I am pretty definite it was the car they were most attracted to. I also suspect it was the maxi dress I had on that was strapless. I am average looking nothing spectular. I normally don’t get a second glance at except when I am in that dress so I suspect showing off shoulders must be in fashion.  It wasn’t a plunging neckline or anything too racy.

Back to the widows, within two weeks widow number one tells me he’s going to China to conduct business which is fine. We’d be in closer time zones so chatting could be better. He notified me that he arrived safely but was needing cash to finalize the deal. I asked how much but he didn’t really give me a sum because he wanted me to get friends and family involved to get him the amount needed. I told him it sounded like a con and if he was such a great negotiator why didn’t he involve the company he was subcontracted to to get the money. He said it didn’t work like that. He had under quoted so he had to come up with the difference. I wished him luck and disconnect from yahoo messenger. I know not very nice of me to do but it sounded like a scam. I certainly would not ask some one online that I just met for money after two weeks. It really set off alarm bells. I wrote back to him explaining that I didn’t feel right about what he asked from me. I haven’t heard back from him but he did try to befriend one of my sisters whom I gave a heads up to after she asked me about him.

Widow number 2 lives in England. We emailed mostly back and forth. It was nice having a pen pal but he kept telling me how in love he was with me after the correspondence we had been doing. I kept telling him I was happily married and that he needed to look elsewhere for his true love because I was already taken. I wrote to him to wish him a Merry Christmas and that was it. I assumed he gave up or found someone new. I was sort of shocked yesterday when I got a message from him on yahoo messenger saying: Hello darling? It’s been almost 4 months since I last read from him. I was curious so I replied back Hi there. He says: I’m fine. I write back that’s good thought you never wanted to read from me since I never heard back from you last December. He goes on to say he’s sorry but he traveled to Canada for a construction job. I said apologizes aren’t necessary because we are just friends but in the back of my mind I am going what the hell is going on. I assumed the man had either died or just didn’t care because he stopped responding to me. He’s pretty much the whole reason why I started blogging because I can just write like I am writing to him. He never answers questions when I ask them. He is mister one word answers when I actually speak to him through a chat service. I get better reactions sometimes through a blog if I touch someone through what I write.

I like to think that I am a pretty decent human being but sometimes on occasions like this I really wonder what the hell is wrong with me? Why do I attract these people? I recognize brokenness and needing to connect but is there something really wrong with me?

Transparency And Compartmentalization: Coexistence?

Transparency and Compartmentalization can they coexist? I often wonder if that is a contradiction or a mere fact. The reason why I say this is because I like to think I can be very transparent but I can also compartmentalize a lot of things in my life. There are certain things that I want to share with my husband and do but he just doesn’t get what I am trying to share. I end up filing it away into the just for me compartment.

I also find that there are certain things I don’t share with certain people outside my marriage. I know I act certain ways in front of them because I don’t think  it’s appropriate to be my true self. If I am in a church crowd, I won’t be throwing the f bomb around at all. I won’t let the dirty Dianna come out to play. The grot  in me stays tightly locked away from being exposed even if I feel like letting a f word escape.  Shit has passed my lips in a lapse of judgement but that is not very often.

Some things are best left to be in compartments but then you wonder what others are thinking so you end up exposing yourself a bit more. I know I do at least. If I think that what I have exposed has in any way compromised myself, I just put it back in the box so to speak. If I know the person doesn’t like what I have tried to share, I will file it away in the do not disturb ever again compartment.

There are some things you share only with family. There are some things you don’t want to share with family. There are things that you share with certain friends but you would never share with one in particular because it’s such a tricky slippery slope you will go on if you do. Surely I am not the only person to have these thoughts or asked these questions. I just choose to express them in a blog which is helping me to come to a certain conclusion.

For me transparency and compartmentalization can co-exist. I suppose it’s a lot like that line from Salt N Peppa’s rap song None Of Your Business which says: “Opinions are like assholes and everybody’s got one”. In each compartment that I have created in my life there is transparency which I strive for because no one really likes a liar.  It makes life less complicated because the truth is much simpler to remember than a lie!

Wishlist Of Sorts Fulfilled In Australia

When I was growing up in Louisiana, I always wanted to go see certain acts but circumstances always seemed to get in the way. A lot of the time it was due to finances, my age and transport. It also didn’t help that I lived about 3 hours from Houston, Texas which is where a lot of the concerts that I wanted to attend were at. Lafayette and Baton Rouge were also a distance away from where I was. Lafayette was 3 hours away; Baton Rouge 4 hours away. Lake Charles was an 1 1/2 hour drive as well. It really broke my heart when The Police was playing in Houston back in the day or Duran Duran. Those two bands were my favorites. I understood the reason why I couldn’t go but it still sucked.

It wasn’t long after I moved to Australia permanently that Duran Duran reformed with all 5 original members and they announced they were going to come to Sydney. I was so excited! I couldn’t believe my luck! A friend asked if I would like to go with her, her sister, and her daughter. In December 2002, I got to see the original members of Duran Duran in my new country! I also got to see Robbie Williams. I wasn’t as excited about that. I do have to say that Robbie Williams really blew me away. When I turned around after Duran Duran left the stage, I wasn’t sure how in the world we’d get out if something horrible happened. I had never been surrounded by such a huge crowd. It sort of spooked me but thankfully, nothing happened except Robbie Williams gave us a fantastic show!

In 2007, The Police reunited. The year before Sting was suppose to be coming to Australia to promote something. He only went to Perth. I was so disappointed because I lived in Sydney. There was no way I was going to be able to go. I love Sting. Anybody who really knows me realize that I have had a crush on him since I heard Roxanne. If I have repeated myself, sorry, I can’t help it. I seriously have a thing for Sting. I think I always will. Sting’s son’s band was the opening act. They were amazing. Fergie was also another opening act, I wasn’t so pleased with her. I cheered her off the stage chanting “I want the Police! Bring on the Police!” I was a happy camper to say the least. Sting also did a concert the same year at the Sydney Opera House playing the lute. Fantastic! Adam went with me to that one. Normally, I end up going with friends but he went with me for this concert. A few years before that we also saw Branford Marsailles playing at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. I also saw the farewell concert that Powderfinger and Silverchair had done in 2007, the Across The Great Divide Tour I think it was. I was so happy to see Paul Mac playing with Silverchair. If you have never heard of Paul Mac, he’s just an amazing song writer that I can’t get enough of. I will do a blog just on him one day but today I am focusing on concert wish lists that have been fulfilled in Australia which I never dreamed would ever happen.

Martin Short came out to Australia. I never dreamt I would get to see him live but he came out. Adam enjoyed him as well. We saw him at the State Theatre. I never dreamed I would see plays at the Sydney Opera House. I have seen several Shakespearean Plays for my birthday there. Adam and I have enjoyed seeing Rolf Harris at the Opera House.

If I want to see a show now since we moved from Sydney to the Coffs Coast, it will end up being a drive to Brisbane. I don’t mind this because it’s a great excuse to see friends who live up there. Santana and The Steve Miller Band are coming out. I love them too but have decided not to go.

The two bands that I loved as a teenager ended up coming to the country I now call home. I can’t believe how fortunate I was to be at the right place at the right time. Every time I think something isn’t going to happen for me or doubt something will happen for me; I get the sweetest surprise.

Dreams can come true. Maybe it may not be exactly what you wanted or how you expected it to happen or when you want it to happen but it can happen. It just takes a little faith as well as hope. My wish list is being fulfilled in the land down under. How blessed am I?

My 50th blog

Adam on Cabin's BeachFor my 50th blog, I thought I would share something that I wrote for Adam after he first came to see me in 2001. It’s really funny how things happen. I like to think things happen for a reason. I am sure there are probably skeptics out there. It’s fine because I have enough faith. I always say that to Adam half jokingly. I know I could probably do something more spectacular but since it’s my 50th blog I wanted to do something special for myself and my fella.

I Was Made For You by Dianna Miller April 27, 2001

I was made for you
Every fiber of my being says it’s true.
I was made for you.
You say my name and I am moved.
With each caress and tender kiss
I know the meaning of happiness’ bliss.
Even though we are miles apart
I know you hold me in your heart
Just as you know it’s the same for me.
I know that we are meant to be.

Recognizing The Grot In You

The other day on Facebook  I had mentioned that Adam had dubbed me the “Grot Girl”. One of my fellow WordPress family members suggested that I use this nickname for a blog. I want to do something light-hearted so I suppose it’s definition time for those who don’t know the meaning of grot.

A grot is a mess, trash, or dirt. It can have all sorts of connotations. When Adam addresses me as Grot Girl it’s normally because I end up spilling something on my shirt or something I am wearing. I called myself a grot in my post on Facebook because I had slipped getting my right side absolutely covered in mud. I even discovered it on my stomach when I had rinsed off to the best I could outside on the back deck.

I am pretty sure at one time or another you have been a grot. You might not like to admit it but it has happened. Maybe you have a phobia of being dirty but frankly, I don’t mind it.

I sort of looked a bit like the dirt bike in the beginning of the Christina Aguilera  video of Dirrty. 

If I or Adam had been singing the song it would have been grotty not dirty. The song probably wouldn’t have been a hit though if Adam had sung it. He just can’t swing his hips or carry a tune like Christina. I don’t have the body of Christina either but I can sing. One day, when I am feeling brave, I will let you guys hear me sing. I will let you guys off of this time and just tease you! I have a tendency to make up lyrics to songs anyways but let’s just imagine what it would be like singing grotty instead of dirty; try it sometime you might just like it!

After putting up two days of serious stuff I thought it good to share something fun! Actually, I needed a good laugh because honestly I was pretty weighed down there for a while. I was going to do a more serious blog but I decided against it because frankly, I don’t need to air my grot out there for everybody to see. Sometimes I want to embrace the grot in me but you guys really don’t need to see that ugly grot just the fun stuff so that is the option I took today.

I’d like to suggest the next time you want to play in the mud or something that will get you messy, think of me and recognize your grottiness! Hugs!

The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd

There is a movement going on in the Catholic Church but it’s not just for Catholics. It’s also happening throughout other denominations of Christianity. It’s funny how it has gotten very big in the United States but I only learned about it after I moved Australia. It was while I was at an Evangelization Conference called “Parish On Fire” in Melbourne where I thought my calling was to help spread the word about God. It didn’t exactly turn out the way I expected but isn’t that always the way it goes?

This movement that I am talking about is called the Catechesis  Of The Good Shepherd.  This is a Christian formation for children between the ages of 3 to 12 years of age. The age groups are broken up into 3 categories. The first being 3-6, the second being 6-9, and ending with 9-12. It is broken up like this for each child is in different stages of development. The children come together to pray and meditate in a place called an Atrium which is a sacred space for all involved.

I could give you the history of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd but I am not going to do that. I want to share with you this fascination that I have with this process. How it really draws me in and how I want to create one as well because of how it makes me want to echo the teachings of the Good Shepherd who has called us each by name. In the Atrium the teacher is God. The children and adults are equal. The adult shows the child how to do something and the child responds to how the Spirit moves him/her to do. After a task has been shown for the child to do they can choose to do the work they were just shown or go off to do something else that they are drawn to do as long as they have been shown the work they want to do. It is the adult’s task to monitor and write down the tasks that the children do.

Some people don’t quite get this process. They think that they are responsible for teaching their thoughts on the presentation but it goes against what is desired in the atrium. It is not like a classroom in the sense that some may think it is. An Atrium is more like a place of worship where they come together, adult and child to ponder all the wonders of the kingdom parables.

I feel as if words are failing me. It is something that needs to be experienced. I find that through showing a work to a child I too am drawn deeper into the mystery because I am asking questions myself. There are no right or wrong answers because it is the Spirit that moves me. It is as if the truth of what is being discovered or shifted to the surface. The children are being monitored to see which work they are drawn to the most. The more answers I find the more I am drawn to wonder deeper into the things that I have discovered.

If you think this is interesting might I interest you in exploring more about the history of this formation. Here are a few links to help you on your journey of discovery. I know if I had a child, I would definitely want to expose them to this beautiful teaching.



Word Press Family Award


Brand new award from Shaun @  “I am part of the WordPress Family Award”

This is an award for everyone who is part of the “Word Press Family” I start this award on the basis that the WordPress family has taken me in, and showed me love and a caring side only WordPress can. The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question and not make things a competition amazes me here. I know I have been given many awards, but I wanted to leave my own legacy on here by creating my own award, as many have done before. This represents “Family” we never meet, but are there for us as family. It is my honour to start this award


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them

5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people that have taken you as  a friend, and spread the love

Firstly, I want to express my deep gratitude for Shaun who has created this lovely award. He has a lot of heart which isn’t a bad thing. If there were more people like him in the world, it’d be heaven on Earth. He has been an answer to a prayer for me which I didn’t even realize I wanted so much in my life. If you haven’t read but you like what I write, please take a look at Shaun.

Now for the list of 10 people whom I see as having impacted my WordPress experience and family

1. I want to say because he is the very first person that I reached out to and actually took the friendship I wanted to offer. I know he is the creator of this award but to me he is like my best friend here who encourages me and helps me.  I am not sure if that will work but if not, I would have to say Eyes Wide Open because I really identify with her outlook. I love how she is so bold in expressing her love of God.

2. I know she’s very new to blogging but I really think of her as my little sister or a daughter I was never blessed with. I want to encourage her. I love her outlook.

3. Rachie’s Adventures I just discovered her and am so glad I did. I love her. She comments and interacts with me! How refreshing! Sometimes I blog and don’t get a reaction but Rachie is just phenomenal!

4. My World In Prose OH I really love this lady too! Absolutely love the way she writes. I swear if I could, I would call her or email her every day. I think of her as a soul sister.

5. Ineffable Mr Jones His prose can be very good. I know I don’t speak to him very often but I read his poems. Sometimes he really hits the nail right on the head.

6. Not disabled, Abled differently I have just discovered him but am glad he decided to join the Word Press family. I look forward to watching him evolve!

7. My World My Blog My Life I have just discovered her and her son. Her son takes the most amazing photos. I love Debbie’s outlook.

8. She is like the second person I followed and even though she may not realize it. I respect her a lot.

9. Cricket Pages I love how she loves her dogs. She’s a kindred spirit with me for her love of her pets!

10. From the fog Dave Walker is a great guy whom I am getting to know.

Thank you all for sharing and becoming involved with Word Press. I really love what you write as well as share with us!