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He is our hero.
We are two sides of a coin.
You are his lover, his partner in life.
I am his sister who loves & wonders though distance is great.
He is so charming.
He loves so distinctly yet completely.
We both adore him.
Some may say love is weakness
But we know love is strength .
Love endures
Love heals
Love in every form can be a hero.
Our hero is love.
Love sustains us.
Love remains to comfort us when all else fails.

This poem was inspired by my brother Kevin, his loving wife, Lisa & of course my feelings about him.


There are times in life when you feel as if you are a failure. An absolute total epic failure. I know there have been quite a few of those moments in my own life. It’s in these moments that I think what am I suppose to do?

Instead of looking at these moments as failures, maybe I should look at these moments as opportunities. I know at times I may really succeed with things that I strive for but I will more than likely fail but in that failure there maybe a chance to be helpful to someone else. I will learn from my mistake or speak of my failure which might guide someone from making the same mistake that I have made.

Instead of beating myself up, maybe I should look back on what happened and reflect on the strength that I gained through my failure. In a way, I am doing myself a service by sharing my story with others. I don’t think it’s an ego thing. I am trying to help others in their journey too.