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My Australian Favorite Groups Top Ten Picks

My taste in music can be called eclectic. My fave genre would have to be funk but I do enjoy other sorts varying from pop, smooth jazz, classic rock as well as pub rock. Lately it seems I have been grooving to house and electronica too. My main focus today will be on Australian groups. I have heard some really great groups and solo artists from Australia since I moved here. It seems a lot of groups think they have to go the USA to make it big or leave their mark on the entertainment world but this list I am putting out today are the top ten that I love.

There have been groups that have reached icon status from Australia. The biggest one has to be INXS followed by Men At Work and Midnight Oil. The Little River Band made it big in the 70s. There are so many great groups to choose but this is my top ten.
10. Sneaky Sound System: the first time this group came to my attention was at a NYE that channel 9 promoted in 2006. They were quite lively and I really like their style.  I Love It!

Off their second album

Adam and I love this one which is from their latest album. “From Here To Everywhere”

9. Rogue Traders: Another band that I can’t seem to get enough of. They seem to sample quite a bit but who doesn’t these days. The first album I bought by them was “Here Comes The Drums” which featured “Voodoo Child”. I brought this album with me to share with my family in Louisiana at my niece’s high school graduation. Every track off that album I really loved. Here are 3 tracks that I can’t seem to hear enough!

This one I have song on my Playstation 3 so much I think Adam wants earplugs!

8. The Presets: This group reminds me of Depeche Mode a bit but I really love their style. I got this album for my 40th birthday. I could be quite upset but when I hear this song the good mood comes back to me ever strong!

7. The Potbelleez: Their song Don’t Hold Back was used in a jeep commerical but it’s on my mp3 list. I do love dance music! and this one here reminds me of my family reunion in 2012!

6. John Butler Trio: The leader of this group writes some really great songs. I love his use of lyrics. He’s more folk and blues. My all time fave by him is  Another fave: Losing You though makes me cry.

5. Icehouse: Iva Davies is another wonderful songwriter who also has an amazing voice.

4. Men At Work: I know my age is showing here. I was a child of the eighties but these guys were terrific! I am not going to feature the usual songs by them but the ones I really loved that never got airplay much! My all time favorite is:

3. Cold Chisel: I didn’t know about these legends of Aussie Rock until I settled in Australia. I am sure this band has paid it dues. This is from their latest album and I must say it’s a keeper. I get goosebumps listening to it. I featured this tree before on my facebook once but it’s still a great song. love Ian Moss’ voice and Jimmie Barnes’ harmonizing.

2. Australian Crawl (Aussie Crawl): Another group I never heard off until I migrated to Australia but they do have some great songs.

1. INXS: I loved this band since I was living in the states. There is something about them that just defies words. Andrew and Michael together created some awesome songs.

Because we all have a devil inside!

I know there are many other great groups from Australia but these are my top ten. There are many honorable mentions but I thought I would just share my top 10. Please feel free to share/add!

Dreaming Of A White Christmas……..NOT!

Do you know how many years it has finally taken me to be comfortable with saying this? I would have to say a good 7. I never really had a white Christmas growing up in Louisiana but I eat white Christmas at Adam’s sister’s house when we go for Christmas celebrations.  I am pretty positive she will have a batch ready for us to take back home with us after our next visit which will be this weekend. Just encase you don’t know what White Christmas is, it is rice bubbles, glace cherries, and Copha mixed together sometimes with nuts if you like for texture. I know I am missing some other ingredients. It’s a lovely sweet treat. Oh Rice Bubbles is called Rice Krispies in the States because this cereal goes by other names. I never had this treat until I came to Australia.
White Christmas

Some people may think that what I am saying is a sacrilege. I know a majority of my readers are in the Northern Hemisphere and relish having a cold Christmas. Australia has a tendency to follow British tradition with a hot baked dinner but sometimes they do their own stuff. I love listening to Australian Christmas carols. I remember fondly my very first Christmas in Canberra with Adam’s family. I was so excited to be able to go swimming in the pool. I could never do that in the states it was too bloody cold. The pool wasn’t exactly warm but I was game to do it. It also helped I was tipsy too and determined to say I was in the pool on Christmas Day. Adam’s Dad got a great laugh when I came back in shivering and tipsy but ever so pleased with my dalliance in the pool. Adam refused after he put his toe in. He stood outside with me and listened to me while I splashed around. I didn’t stay in very long but I did boast to my sisters’ when I rang them on their Christmas day that I did swim on Christmas day.

This Christmas will be a quiet one. We are having our good friends the Jary’s come over for Christmas lunch. We’ll probably head down to the beach for the dogs to run on Mullaway beach. It’s suppose to be a very lovely day. It will be nice to be home for Christmas for a change. I have only had 3 Christmases in my own home since I moved to Australia. I am not complaining but there is just something special about being in your own house. 

I have never been one to really like cold weather. I know I was born in Alaska but we moved when I was 6 weeks old. I was then a southern raised lass. First two years were in San Antonio, Texas and then we moved to Leesville, Louisiana which I gladly call my hometown.  The majority of my life was in the South. Now I can really claim to be a Southern because I live in Australia which is in the Southern Hemisphere. All my seasons are opposite to what I was raised with and I can drive north to visit Adam’s sister but be reminded of Southwestern Louisiana where my dad grew up and we visited as a child as I pass the sugar cane fields heading up past Grafton.  I could almost imagine myself near New Iberia if it wasn’t for the dang mountains covered in Eucalyptus trees in the background.  It’s as if I was graced with everything I ever dreamed of since I discovered this great Southern Land which gave birth to my dream man and took me in with such love and compassion.

So no, I am not dreaming of a White Christmas that Bing Crosby sang about but I am dreaming of a White Christmas made with love for me and my darling by his beautiful youngest sister and her darling boy Jack. May you have a joyous Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

I leave you with this lovely Australian Christmas Carol I found on youtube!

Size Does Matter!

ImageThis beautiful frothy cider was delicious but did you know that I had been  confused about what exactly the order of ordering sizes of drinks were. I have been living in Australia for almost 12 years now. I have been foolish and never thought to ask about the way to order different sizes of drinks at the pub because I am not a huge ale drinker. Yesterday while Adam and I were at Moonee Beach Tavern I decided to order a pint of cider because it was on tap. I assumed that a pint was the smallest but I was wrong. At least I didn’t have to go up to the bar again. The pint lasted me the entirety of our visit for lunch. I asked Adam who suggested that I call our friend Hemmo (Mark Hemmings) because he was a beer connoisseur. I texted him my question, He called me back with the answer. I can’t remember the exact ounces like he gave me but I now know the order of sizes. It goes middies, schooner, pint. I was silly enough to think it went the other way. I am not a huge drinker so Adam and Mark both forgave my ignorance.

When I lived in the states I never went up to the bar and ordered a mug of beer. Adam asked me what I did and I responded,”I just ordered a coke or water, or something with spirits in it.” I am not exactly what you would say if you were to go up to a bar to order beer in the states. Some of the guys that I met at a bar would just order a pitcher of beer . If any man or woman who knows the correct terminology of ordering a beer at a US bar could you please fill me in.

45 and feeling fine

Di 45 and 2 daysTwo days ago I turned 45. Yes, that’s a big old cold sore on my bottom lip which I wish I could just erase but sometimes when I stress too much I get those. I was going to blog on my birthday about turning 45 but I have been busy this last week with a temp job which has actually gotten me out of my comfort zone. I had forgotten how fun it was to actually be out of the house and doing things even if it was just data entry. This is the first time since last Monday that I have actually gotten a decent amount of time to do something with my own desktop. I tried taking pictures hiding my ugly cold sore but you know what, that is just my vanity getting the better of me.

I got my haircut yesterday which I like. I used to like it long but as I get older, I find that I like having it shorter. I think it keeps me looking younger as well. The upkeep is easy. As you can see I am in my favorite colour. I am a passionate person and think purple is a passionate color.  There is a watercolor on the wall behind me which is of one of my favorite Australian birds: Kookaburras. 

My husband and I were both born as summer babies. He was born in February and I was born in June. Now I know what you are thinking but I am not lying. I was born in the Northern Hemisphere where June is warm bringing summer to a start. He was born in the Southern Hemisphere where February is the middle of the summer season. The water is just about perfect for a swim in the ocean. It has taken me a while to get used to having a cold birthday. I guess it really isn’t that cold but it is a far cry from being able to have fresh peaches on my birthday which my mom used to treat me with.  Last year, I had my first hot birthday in 9 years when we went back to the states to visit family. It was a fantastic trip which I am so happy we did. I have really great memories of New Mexico and of course, meeting my older siblings and some of their own children in Las Vegas on the 18th of June, 2012. I am glad that I didn’t die that night but if I had, I don’t think I could have been any happier at the time. We ended our USA trip by going to Maui which was AMAZING for our tenth wedding anniversary. 

I try to be the type of person who stays positive but sometimes it’s a huge struggle. I hope I get to live another 45 years but if I don’t, at least I can say I gave things a go. I get scared and sometimes let my fear stop me but I know if I want to live I have to persevere. I have to go out of my comfort zone. I need to make sure not to hurt anyone in my life, try to help to make this a better place to live in because if I don’t make an effort, who will? Geeze, I didn’t mean to get so preachy there.

Turning 45 isn’t so bad, it’s just a number. I know I may not have a perfect body but I love the skin that I am. I really love the person I am becoming and hope that the impact that I make on others is positive. I know I have a very blessed life. I was born into a very loving family which has a really cool dynamic. I am married to the man of my dreams (Literally, I am not exaggerating.) Even with my blessings though, I wonder about what could be or could have been but I am learning in my life, it’s the moments that make it great. Every last detail whether it be bad or good, it impacts on me. It makes me who I am and it is I who choose how I will make changes to myself, which things to hold on to and which to throw away. It’s a pretty cool concept.

I know I have a tendency to over think but that’s what makes me who I am. I thank God for that and the way He helps me filter through all the crap. I am a huge believer in signs. I can be over sensitive, shy, overbearing, over the top, but it’s just me being me and that’s the best way I can be! I don’t want to be anyone else. 

We all have paths to choose and how we choose them make us unique. I thank God for the diversity of the universe.  

I am proud to blog I am 45 and feeling fine for the most part. I would look better without that cold sore but it’s only temporary. Just like I am, temporary but happy to be alive and feeling fine.


Tag You’re IT!( A little Game Given by a friend :) )

Di A big shout out to for including me in this game as well as Eddie Tatro.

This is me sitting in front of my computer if I had a webcam set up on my desk. I actually took this snapshot a few months ago but thought I would use this shot for this post since you have to have a pic of yourself. Now you have an idea of where Adam sits in our front room/computer room.

1. Post these rules. 
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you. 
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post. 
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/Twitter and let them know they’ve been tagged.

Eleven random facts about me:

1. I like awards but hate all the work you have to put into them.

2. Coming up with 10 more things after you have done something like this is no easy feat.

3. I love my nose, it’s not too big or small.

4. One of my breasts is a full cup size bigger than the other.

5. Number 4 was probably too much information but hey I am running out of random facts and I am only at the halfway point.

6. Another beautiful day on the Coffs Coast which started out cloudy.

7. I am working on my horde paladin on Silver Hand. She just turned 88. Two more levels to go.

8. The glass is half full or half empty depending on your attitude.

9. Life is short enjoy it while it lasts.

10.  I love making people laugh.

11. I love to sing.

The Questions Firsttimefreedom asked me…….

1. If you had a chance to go back 5 years from today knowing what you know what would you tell yourself? Do not be afraid to try new things

2. If you could go back to one point in history when would it be and why? Actually I am happy to be right here, right now because I am watching history in the process of happening.

3. Who inspires you, be it someone in your life or not? My mom inspired me alot. She had a very loving heart but could be tough as nails too.

4. Three things you love about yourself? I love my eyes, my sense of humor, and my ability to forgive.

5. Who would you love to meet and talk to? Sting, he is an awesome musician/songwriter

6. What music (if any) helps you get through things? The Police or Sting especially Too Much Information it calms me

7. What animal would you like to be and why? Dog, they are loyal and forgiving

8. Why do you blog and does it help you? I blog because I love to share things and experiences with others. I think it does help me because I learn a lot from reading others perspectives.

9. What’s the funniest joke you have ever heard? I always screw up jokes when I retell them so not gonna happen.

10. What brings you the biggest amount of joy? Simple things can bring me a lot of joy like watching my dogs goof around or making friends laugh.

11. What is your favorite sweet snack? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

My Eleven questions:

1. What’s your least favorite genre of music?

2. Are you colour blind?

3. Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?

4. Do speak a foreign language?

5. Do you want to travel to another country beside the one you were born in?

6. If you had to choose between reggae or country western which would you choose?

7.  Do you look up at the stars night?

8.  What is your favorite season?

9. Do you like sports?

10. Do you own a dog?

11. Who’s your favorite comedian?

The people I hope will play my little game…

I am only choosing a couple because I have done this sort of thing so many times I don’t want to spread it around like wildfire.



You don’t have to do this but it’d be fun to read your thoughts. Hugs, Dianna

Art Thou Peaceful

When I look at the ocean and see the colours of the setting sun, I am filled with peace which grows every time I see it. The cloud reminds me of a seahorse or dragon  filled with hope as well as peace.Mullaway Beach Dusk

Tag Your It


Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.


2012-12-11 10.17.40


1. I am the youngest of 8, 2 boys and 6 girls.

2. I am 5’6″

3. I am listening to the rain yet again.

4. I love Pandora radio.

5. I have 2 dogs and one of them my husband tolerates.

6. I use to be scared of flying. I still am to some extent but it doesn’t stop me.

7. I never thought I would leave the United States.

8. I have a tendency to break my own rules.

9. I am shy ( I put up a good facade that I am not though)

10. I always think I am bothering people.

11. I go with the flow because when I make firm plans they have a tendency to go pear shaped!


1. How old are you?44

2. Do you shit regular?yes

3. Would you eat a Spider for £1/$1 no

4. What is your favourite singer songwriter why must we always limit faves???? I have to many but if it had to be one it would be Sting followed by Ben Lee

5. What kind of car do you drive, if you don’t drive. what would you like to drive. I drive a Jeep Cherokee 65th anniversary edition.

6. Where is Dundee? Not really sure, did you mean dunny?? LOL

7. Do you smoke. not for years, very glad I gave up that habit

8. What is your favourite movie Dune especially the part when Sting steps out of the shower!

9. Would you help an old woman onto a bus? definitely, one day I hope some one would do the same for me

10. What makes you cry? lots of different things

11. If you were stuck on a desert island, who would you like to be stuck there with? Adam Morris, best partner I have ever had who makes me laugh and we’d perserve together even though I’d be the eyes of the operation.


1. What’s your favourite animal?

2. What’s your biggest peeve?

3. Do you know the way to San Jose?

4. How many states and terrorities are there in Australia? (Googling is cheating if you don’t know the answer) 😛

5. Where’s the one place you would never want to go?

6. Do you think marriage is necessary?

7. What sign where you born under in the Chinese New Year?

8. What cracks you up with laughter?

9. Do you think you have a short fuse when it comes to getting angry?

10. Are you the oldest in your family?

11. Are left or right handed?


I am going to invite everyone who reads this and wants to respond to do so. It’s not a chain letter. No bad luck is going to happen if you don’t respond but it’s all good fun. I told you I break my own rules.  If it ain’t broke, hand it to me and it will be broke. Oh well, that’s fine too! Was fun to do!


HarsH ReaLiTy