Strangeness Attractor

I must have a strangeness attractor deep inside me. I don’t know why I have a knack for finding the strangest people and befriending them. It must be an invisible aura or tattooed in invisible ink on my forehead.

I know the definition of normal isn’t really normal but frankly,  I must have a curiosity detector or extremely weird vibe I give off. I don’t mind being different but there are limitations to it surely.

Here’s an example I will give, in July 2012 after returning from a visit to the USA I was contacted on facebook by two complete strangers who both just happened to be widows. I have in my public profile that I am married. They were both looking for love hoping to find it with me. I guess I can blame the fact that I put up a profile pic with me standing besides my nephew’s corvette. I am pretty definite it was the car they were most attracted to. I also suspect it was the maxi dress I had on that was strapless. I am average looking nothing spectular. I normally don’t get a second glance at except when I am in that dress so I suspect showing off shoulders must be in fashion.  It wasn’t a plunging neckline or anything too racy.

Back to the widows, within two weeks widow number one tells me he’s going to China to conduct business which is fine. We’d be in closer time zones so chatting could be better. He notified me that he arrived safely but was needing cash to finalize the deal. I asked how much but he didn’t really give me a sum because he wanted me to get friends and family involved to get him the amount needed. I told him it sounded like a con and if he was such a great negotiator why didn’t he involve the company he was subcontracted to to get the money. He said it didn’t work like that. He had under quoted so he had to come up with the difference. I wished him luck and disconnect from yahoo messenger. I know not very nice of me to do but it sounded like a scam. I certainly would not ask some one online that I just met for money after two weeks. It really set off alarm bells. I wrote back to him explaining that I didn’t feel right about what he asked from me. I haven’t heard back from him but he did try to befriend one of my sisters whom I gave a heads up to after she asked me about him.

Widow number 2 lives in England. We emailed mostly back and forth. It was nice having a pen pal but he kept telling me how in love he was with me after the correspondence we had been doing. I kept telling him I was happily married and that he needed to look elsewhere for his true love because I was already taken. I wrote to him to wish him a Merry Christmas and that was it. I assumed he gave up or found someone new. I was sort of shocked yesterday when I got a message from him on yahoo messenger saying: Hello darling? It’s been almost 4 months since I last read from him. I was curious so I replied back Hi there. He says: I’m fine. I write back that’s good thought you never wanted to read from me since I never heard back from you last December. He goes on to say he’s sorry but he traveled to Canada for a construction job. I said apologizes aren’t necessary because we are just friends but in the back of my mind I am going what the hell is going on. I assumed the man had either died or just didn’t care because he stopped responding to me. He’s pretty much the whole reason why I started blogging because I can just write like I am writing to him. He never answers questions when I ask them. He is mister one word answers when I actually speak to him through a chat service. I get better reactions sometimes through a blog if I touch someone through what I write.

I like to think that I am a pretty decent human being but sometimes on occasions like this I really wonder what the hell is wrong with me? Why do I attract these people? I recognize brokenness and needing to connect but is there something really wrong with me?


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  1. Very interesting post. I understand where you are coming from. For you, it got you interested in blogging. For me, it turned me off to blogging. But as time moved on. I’ve warmed up to this wonderful new world. Not everybody out there is a creep. There are extraordinary people and it is worth sorting through the detritus to find them. Have a day filled with wonder, great food, and meaningful relationships!

    • At least with blogging you sometimes get really cool feedback and not a whole lot of I love you which you are left thinking how did this happen.
      My hubby said something to me which made me smile. My strangeness attractor got me him but I know it was meant to be. Thanks Matt!

  2. prayingforoneday

    Where to start…
    I speak to you regular. I am a married ,man, you have spoken to Miss Dawn…We are friends..
    Two awful experiences in meeting people on-line and you think there is something wrong with you? You speak to how many online? 10? 20? 30?
    I speak to say 100 on Skype, never an issue. always good fun, debate flows both ways, some times I can talk the legs off a Elephant 🙂

    The point I am trying to make here is, you are a WONDERFUL., Warm, loving, trusting person. You been taken in by a few dicks, because you trust. Are you the only one? Hell no.. I could tell you stories about Miss Shaun and “Friends” 🙂

    There is nothing wrong with you, and not all people you meet online are wankers., as Matthew said above, And he is right D.

    It is like getting divorced 3 times and NEVER trusting a lover or a partner again. Maybe you are over thinking? I don’t know. All I do know is you are a nice person, and you are MORE than clever enough to sort the Dicks from the Good Guys…
    You ain’t stupid, neither am I, you shouldn’t carry this D..Ever..It will haunt you.
    Why do I know this, experience. Been there. Many times. There is a person “AS WE SPEAK” Bad mouthing me on Word Press due to my sports writing for the year I did it. I trusted people, and they fucked me over. So I live and learn, I believe very little from strangers till I know them.

    You are MORE than a decent human being. Don’t let two wankers put you off the rest of the world as it is very easy to do..

    I hope you are well..and speak soon ok x


    • I know was just sort of ranting. It was just funny at the time. I had to do the post because it felt right at the time. I won’t be posting a pic with a hot car publicly ever again! :p

      • prayingforoneday

        HA HA …
        We all do it D. We blog when we feel we need to rant, and this is the beauty, for me, of writing. We all have a platform and sometimes we use it right, sometimes not. Bit who is the blogging police 🙂

        Speak soon x

  3. There’s nothing wrong with you! You’re charming, quirky, loving, trusting, and compassionate. (I would know, you helped raise me!) You’re also smart, which is why you didn’t get scammed by the business guy.

    I really struggle with getting to know and trust people via the internet. I made an online dating profile because I felt like my social circle was not really expansive and conducive to dating. I have lots of great friends, they are mostly either coupled off or other busy, single women. I know some friends who have tried the online dating and said it worked or wasn’t so bad. Yet, I get a lot of one word answers there too or just can’t find someone that feels “right” to give more contact information to (I’m not giving you my phone number after two messages, sorry) or meet.

    I guess the point there, for me, is that you can’t force it. What’s meant to be will work out in due time (look at you and Adam!). Maybe for the people falling in love with you they are just trying to force the timeline for meeting their perfect mate. I mean, you are fantastically awesome! 😉

    • Very eloquently put Cass, I shouldn’t be surprised by your wisdom. You have known me all of your life. The right guy is out there for you. When everything feels right for you, you will know. I know for me it did when I least expected it to! I love you!

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