Barnsey’s love of Cheap Wine and Three Day Growth

Some Australians already know of Barnsey who is a legend vocalist of the band Cold Chisel but did you know that I have created his alter-ego on the MMRPG of World of Warcraft? Actually, one of my toons (characters) lovingly named her bear after Jimmy Barnes because he too loves cheap wine and 3 day growth. The character, Whiloe, who is a  night elf huntress on the realm(server) of Silver Hand can tame many animals but the one she holds dearest to her heart is Barnsey. She did have a Barney but she decided to give him up when she discovered Barnsey near Everlook.

Whiloe with Barnsey about to enter the world!

Whiloe with Barnsey about to enter the world!

Better look at Whiloe, Barnsey is shaking his head so you don't get a clear look at him.

Better look at Whiloe, Barnsey is shaking his head so you don’t get a clear look at him.  His excuse is all the cheap wine making his vision blurry.

I had never heard of Jimmy Barnes or the band Cold Chisel until I moved from the land of my birth. I do enjoy their music though. It’s considered to be pub rock.  I never heard that term until I came to Australia but now I get it totally. They have been around quite a while, something like over 20 years. Jimmy Barnes and Ian Moss are headlining a tour soon in my area. I should have bought tickets. Sorry about my digressing from the subject of Barnsey but I thought I would let you into my thoughts about my Barnsey and his love of Cheap Wine! Ian Moss shouldn’t feel left out. I have a Draenei huntress named Neches who tamed a ravager called Mossy in the realm of Lightbringer.

I do love writing fun random posts so I thought this could be a cool subject to do! I leave you with the song that inspired Whiloe with the naming of her Barnsey.


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  1. prayingforoneday

    Brilliant song 🙂
    Again, I love good songs I hadn’t heard before, like a good surprise. Bookmarked in my collection..

    And random blogs, YEAH!!! Some we can plan, these are more fun yeah?

    Shaun x

    • I had replied to this but it didn’t take. I am sorry! Yes, random ones can be very fun. I am thinking about making a category strictly World of Warcraft but am still tooing and throwing about it. I am sure the gamers would love it but the people who don’t quite get it, I am not really sure how to explain it so that’s why I am in the state of indecision.

      • prayingforoneday

        I think you should 10000% create a category called “World of Warcraft” and after every blog (Even go back and re-tag this with “Word of Warcraft” it is a very popular game, and I think if you do this, you will create a “category” for WOW users, so people who don’t really play it have a choice to read not read..yeah?

        Go for it, create the category and always Tag at the bottom “World of Warcraft” and tick the Box for WOW category you have created. You will 100% create a small or big WOW community for WOW users right here on Word Press.

        GO FOR IT!!
        Shaun x

      • Thanks for the encouragement bestie! Huge bear hugs to you from Barnsey with his cheap wine breath and 3 day growth!

      • prayingforoneday

        ha ha ha

        Seriously, go for it!!

        Speak soon..x

  2. Good one love it

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