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Party on Garth: December Peace Challenge

I am not exactly the best party planner around but I do like to be in good company with family and friends around the world. I was thinking to myself about  New Year’s 99 and how the Today Show in the states showed the year 2000 coming into the world across the time zones. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic way to have a party for peace! I certainly think so! If we could have parties for New Year’s Eve, wouldn’t it be fun to have it for Peace.


This is my invitation to the world to bring in Peace one time zone at a time. We can all participate and play our favourite artists. I would like to have my family and friends around the world connect with me via Skype for some quality one on one time. If you don’t like skype, just put out positive vibes on 31/12/2013. We can bring about a change for peace one moment at time. We can savour being in good company and promoting peace together.

I will leave my Skype open all day on 31/12/2013 until it is 1/01/2014 in every part of the world encase you would like to join my peace party on-line! Email me at to let me know that you would like to participate in my party for peace for my Skype id!

Party on Garth! Party on Wayne! Party on for Peace!

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Music In a Melancholy Mood

Today my optimistic self has fled from my soul at the moment. I am wondering and pondering big questions in my head trying to decide the best course of action for my melancholy mood.

I know lots of people have it worse than I. I have a good family even if I don’t speak to them as often as I should but I know they love me too even though the distance between us is humongous. Recently though, I am wondering what I could do or say to help my brother whom I haven’t seen in 30 years. I am trying to take a leaf out of Sting’s Lyrics praying that perhaps by setting him free he may come back to me. I know I can be a very possessive little sister but I love him to bits. I love him so much it’s disgustingly good. I know when he is ready he will let me or the rest of the family back in but I really wonder if it’s going to be another 30 years before it happens. I certainly hope not because I am planning a trip back to the states in 2015 to visit family and friends.

I want to make new memories with him and his own family. I do think in time it will happen but in this moment I am feeling melancholy. I don’t want to interfere with him but I want to be part of his life. Maybe I am asking too much but maybe it is what he needs too because I can’t imagine my world without him. We don’t have to speak all the time but just knowing he’s out their in the universe makes my world brighter.

Message In A Bottle

Yesterday I was going through my morning rituals when I heard this song which I love by one of my favorite bands on Pandora Radio. As I was about to get in the shower, it sort of hit me that this is how I feel about blogging.  Sometimes you just write because you are in moment or you want to just share something, anything that will make a connection to someone else.

It’s the most exhilarating feeling when you know you have done this. I don’t write for the money. I don’t write for the fame. I write for the love of sharing. I write for a connection with others. It’s like everytime I hit that publish button I am hoping, praying that I will get to read from someone who is also sending out a SOS. I am reaching out in hope that maybe somebody identifies with the moment and will actually acknowledge it. I have gotten a few messages back. When this happens, it’s just amazing. The likes are fantastic too but the wow factor for me is when I actually get to read a comment.

I can’t imagine ever getting a million responses back like he talks about in the song but that feeling of wonder I identify with so vividly when I read a comment or see a like. Maybe one day I am going to see lots of responses but until then I will keep on writing, keep on sharing, and keep on reading! Do you ever feel like this? If so, please feel free to share!

Thank You and Rhythm Nation

You know for the longest time, I thought to myself, that Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson was such an excellent song. About a month ago, I was listening to Pandora Radio and heard Thank You by Sly and the Family Stone. I know this has probably been raised about a thousand times already but isn’t it funny how music was sampled.  Sly and the Family Stone made Thank You back in 1969.

Rhythm Nation was written by Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Janet Jackson in 1989. It could be said that it is an original work but listen closely to the bass line.

Maybe they unconsciously chose to use the same sort of bass line. Maybe I am imagining things but all I have to say is thank you Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Janet Jackson for thinking of making this song which highlighted another musical genius. I have always had a great love of funk ever since I was a child. I am always going to have a soft spot in my heart for this genre.

I know there is a lot of music sampling going on today. It has been going on throughout time I suspect but I can thank Pandora Radio for opening up my ears and alerting me to this little treasure!

If you can find anything that you think is similar please feel free to link it in the comments. Cheers!

Morning Rituals

Everybody has a certain something that they like to do in the morning. As for me, I don’t really appreciate being woken up by a whining dog but it’s something that I am used to. I can easily go back to sleep. Poor Adam doesn’t have that sort of ability. He will lie in bed with me until he gets uncomfortable but always tries to get out quietly as not to disturb me. I love that about him. He’s such a sweety. If I try to attempt the same strategy, I epically fail 9 out 10 times. The man sleeps lightly. For once, I am not exaggerating.

After getting up, I usually head to the kitchen for breakfast. This morning, I had to grind more coffee for my coffee machine because I only had beans that needed to be ground. I like to have music on so I popped Pandora radio on my iPhone which I put into Adam’s high jacked  iPhone speaker because good music needs to be blasted. I danced around the house getting ready to eat. We had to put on our sweats because it was a cool 11 c (51.8 F) in the house. Summer has fled our part the world until probably December. I danced as the coffee grinder ground my delicious smelling coffee which was grown in Mullaway. There is a coffee plantation somewhere in our vicinity. I am so glad we learned of it. I put out our cereal and danced while waiting for Adam to join me at the dining table.

Sometimes I make my coffee after brekky as I did today. Adam went to go have his shower and I drink my coffee while deciding what I want to do next. The thing to do today was sit down and type out this blog. It feels like today is going to be a ripper of a day. I know my mom used to say not to sing before breakfast. I have, so let’s hope I prove that old wives’ tale wrong. I don’t want to cry before supper.

I need to go shower now myself but I really love my morning rituals. My mornings are normally spent waking up listening to Mitch whine at me to be let off so he can go have a pee around 6. I then hop back into to bed for a cuddle with Adam or chit-chat then fall back to sleep but hunger always gets me up. We then go to the kitchen and break our fast with cereal. The dogs then get fed by Adam or myself (usually Adam) and I work on doing my cappuccino in a mug. (Muggaccino) There is normally music playing via the iPhone. I know it’s not that earth shattering or exciting but there is something about it that I like doing.

Some people like to start their day with a run or walk but me, a cup of frothy coffee and cuddles always get my day off to the right start!

Do you have any morning rituals that you love?

Frothy Coffee for the Morning Win!

Frothy Coffee for the Morning Win!

Tag Your It


Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.


2012-12-11 10.17.40


1. I am the youngest of 8, 2 boys and 6 girls.

2. I am 5’6″

3. I am listening to the rain yet again.

4. I love Pandora radio.

5. I have 2 dogs and one of them my husband tolerates.

6. I use to be scared of flying. I still am to some extent but it doesn’t stop me.

7. I never thought I would leave the United States.

8. I have a tendency to break my own rules.

9. I am shy ( I put up a good facade that I am not though)

10. I always think I am bothering people.

11. I go with the flow because when I make firm plans they have a tendency to go pear shaped!


1. How old are you?44

2. Do you shit regular?yes

3. Would you eat a Spider for £1/$1 no

4. What is your favourite singer songwriter why must we always limit faves???? I have to many but if it had to be one it would be Sting followed by Ben Lee

5. What kind of car do you drive, if you don’t drive. what would you like to drive. I drive a Jeep Cherokee 65th anniversary edition.

6. Where is Dundee? Not really sure, did you mean dunny?? LOL

7. Do you smoke. not for years, very glad I gave up that habit

8. What is your favourite movie Dune especially the part when Sting steps out of the shower!

9. Would you help an old woman onto a bus? definitely, one day I hope some one would do the same for me

10. What makes you cry? lots of different things

11. If you were stuck on a desert island, who would you like to be stuck there with? Adam Morris, best partner I have ever had who makes me laugh and we’d perserve together even though I’d be the eyes of the operation.


1. What’s your favourite animal?

2. What’s your biggest peeve?

3. Do you know the way to San Jose?

4. How many states and terrorities are there in Australia? (Googling is cheating if you don’t know the answer) 😛

5. Where’s the one place you would never want to go?

6. Do you think marriage is necessary?

7. What sign where you born under in the Chinese New Year?

8. What cracks you up with laughter?

9. Do you think you have a short fuse when it comes to getting angry?

10. Are you the oldest in your family?

11. Are left or right handed?


I am going to invite everyone who reads this and wants to respond to do so. It’s not a chain letter. No bad luck is going to happen if you don’t respond but it’s all good fun. I told you I break my own rules.  If it ain’t broke, hand it to me and it will be broke. Oh well, that’s fine too! Was fun to do!


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