What exactly is a yaussiechick? A yaussiechick is a woman/girl who was born in the United States but lives in Australia. I am a yaussiechick. I became a yaussiechick almost 11 years ago when I married the man I dreamed of as my dance partner as a child. I know how far-fetched this sounds but it’s the truth. I will give you the short version because time is precious for all of us but if you are bored I could give you every single detail but I think the condensed version would be best for all.

I was born in Alaska but we moved when I was 6 weeks old because my father was a military man. His next station was at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. When I was 2 1/2 we moved to where I call my hometown, Leesville, La where his last post was Ft. Polk. My childhood could be termed as sheltered. The only socialization I had outside the home was either church or school. I attended USL for two years studying Pre-Veterinary Medicine until I met and then married my ex husband.

After nine years of marriage, I decided to end it. I think he was quite shocked but I had settled when I married thinking no one wanted me. I know what a clich`e that sounds like but it was what I thought at the time. As the years with him went on, I knew I would be better off alone then just coasting along. He wanted children and after all the years of not using birth control, I thought it best to cut our losses. It was in this time, our separation, that I really knew what I truly wanted and deserved. I was also working as a teacher’s aide/driver for the itinerate vision impaired teacher of Vernon Parish. He was married to my sister, Judy, and he was doing an internet radio show for American Council for the Blind. I was listening to all the different genres that were on it, when I listened to an Australian who also doing his own show called Worm1000. It was through this Australian that I came across my present husband when the Australian handed the phone to Adam. I was drawn to him instantly and couldn’t figure out why no woman had decided to set her sights on him. Eventually, Adam challenged me to challenge him to come out and met me before his friend came over which I did do. I didn’t think he was going to do it, but he told me if I challenged him, he would make it happen.

Two weeks later, I am picking him up at George Bush International Airport in Humble, Texas paying the parking toll when I turn to look at him. The sun is blinding me to him except for his smile. It was then that I recognized him as my dance partner from my childhood dreams but I didn’t want to accept it. The two weeks with him went way too quickly. The more we got to know each other; the more I knew I was made for him. September that year, he proposed marriage. He was going to do it on our friend’s radio show but he quit the day Adam was going to make the request for me. The song he has wanted dedicated to me was Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting For You”. All hell broke loose that September. I thought I wasn’t going to be approved for immigration because of 9/11. Adam was ever sure about my coming over to stay with him permanently. He came to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas 2001 with me. When I look back on that time, it was so uncertain but Adam had faith that it would all work out.

Now, I am proud to say that I am an American by birth and an Australian by choice. It’s a true blessing. I also seem to write or talk in terms that are either purely Australian or American. I suppose it’s only right that a yaussiechick has a mixture of lingo from both her lands. If I find myself doing that, I will try and explain further so that you, my reader will get a better understanding of my two worlds/countries.

I hope that I have clarified exactly what a yaussiechick is. I suppose if I were a man I would be a yaussiebloke but alas, I was born the fairer sex so I get to be the yaussiechick. If I were a guy, I wouldn’t be married to Adam. He loves women! I love him so it’s all good. Now that you have a better understanding of exactly what a yaussiechick is, I hope you will continue to read more of my thoughts. I have lots to share!

  1. Love hearing this story! So cute 🙂

  2. dreamingforbetter

    Hi, good reads. I can only comment here though. I can’t click play on the You Tube video nor comment on a blog. Odd one. lol


  3. dreamingforbetter

    Just your last two blogs.
    I subscribed, I hadn’t before. Just Followed and Liked.
    Now I am subscribed it should help.

    Progress slowly lol
    Need to turn off the PC and feed the terrible twins and find clothes etc
    Speak soon


  4. globetrottermama

    Hi yaussiechick! I’m here and I now know more than eleven things about you. Where shall I post them?? 🙂

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