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After a month and three days, Adam and I are returning to Australia. At first I thought the days were dragging. Now it seems like we were gone hardly at all. It will be nice to be at our own home.
I slept for what seemed five hours. Our flight from LAX to Sydney was almost 15 hours. I am typing this blog on flight mode. It isn’t so bad either. I suspect my finger or thumb might get tired. There has been turbulence but it goes along with the dizziness I’ve been experiencing on & off because of the trunk falling on my temple.
We are flying Virgin Australia. The seats are not as comfy as what we’ve had on Qantas. It isn’t a full flight either.
We got thorough TSA pretty painlessly. It was really smooth considering we didn’t take our laptops with us. We checked them in our baggage.
I wasn’t very happy leaving the USA but I know I will return again. It is good to know I have two countries to return to on either side of the Pacific Ocean.

Happy Joy Joy Crap crap crap!

Today I just don’t really know what to blog about. I know I should finish up the Kimberley, Western Australia trip. I have way too many thoughts and trying to pinpoint something in particular is like trying to keep my dogs still when they want to go play even while they are stitched up.

I try to write interesting things when I blog but sometimes I just think it’s total crap so I don’t post. I want to be witty and funny but these past two days I haven’t been feeling that way at all. It’s hard to be witty and funny all the time. There are days when you just want to do that but you feel totally inept. I am in one of those moods today.
I spoke with a fellow blogger and he has helped me feel a bit better. He has really bad days but he’s a fighter. I may not have all the huge challenges that some people have but I try to deal with my own little crisis to the best of my ability.

When I was younger, I loved the Police.  (I still do love the Police). In fact, my favorite song that I love to listen to when I get in one of these moods just happens to be “Too Much Information”. Adam even bought me “Ghosts In The Machine” a few Christmas’ ago because I was telling him that was the first album I ever got. All the tracks are superb but “Too Much Information” is a real standout, especially when I get in one of my funky moods. I always turn to that song when I am worked up.

I know I shouldn’t expect to always write upbeat stuff but the world can be full of bitterness. I don’t want to add to the crap yet the fact remains I can’t always be in a happy joy joy state. There will be times when I feel like crap. I know God is there with me. I don’t feel like quoting scriptures. I am totally blessed. The fact remains that there are days when I struggle with staying in a happy joy joy state. It’s only natural so I better cut myself some slack and keep listening to “Too Much Information” to help my crap crap mood.

Prayingforoneday thanks for all the moral support. You are much appreciated! I love ya mate! I’ll keep on keeping on like you do! Another great Aussie saying will work for me too.  “She’ll be alright mate!” This shelia most certainly will! Peace and thanks for reading!