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Thank You and Rhythm Nation

You know for the longest time, I thought to myself, that Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson was such an excellent song. About a month ago, I was listening to Pandora Radio and heard Thank You by Sly and the Family Stone. I know this has probably been raised about a thousand times already but isn’t it funny how music was sampled.  Sly and the Family Stone made Thank You back in 1969.

Rhythm Nation was written by Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Janet Jackson in 1989. It could be said that it is an original work but listen closely to the bass line.

Maybe they unconsciously chose to use the same sort of bass line. Maybe I am imagining things but all I have to say is thank you Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Janet Jackson for thinking of making this song which highlighted another musical genius. I have always had a great love of funk ever since I was a child. I am always going to have a soft spot in my heart for this genre.

I know there is a lot of music sampling going on today. It has been going on throughout time I suspect but I can thank Pandora Radio for opening up my ears and alerting me to this little treasure!

If you can find anything that you think is similar please feel free to link it in the comments. Cheers!

The Thank You Award



A huge big thank you to prayingforoneday  @  for this award. He keeps putting me up for awards and sometimes I will accept while other times I think why me? I don’t think I am that exceptional a blogger. I certainly don’t blog every day but I appreciate him nominating me for this very wonderful award. I value his opinion and honesty.


1. As usual a big thank you and a link back to the person who nominated you.

2. Mention 5 things you would like to do with your life, no matter how mad or tame.

3. Nominate six bloggers and say why they have left their mark on you. Hence the name “The Thank You Award”

4. let them know.


Five things I would like to do with my life, no matter how mad or tame

1.  I would like to start an Atrium where children can come and feel God’s presence in their lives.

2. I would love to meet Sting. I think he’s a marvelous performer/songwriter/musician. I had a crush on him since I first heard “Roxanne” but I know it would never really work out the way I thought it would back then.

3. Travel around Australia with Adam because that’s on his to do list. We still need to visit Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory. Those are the only places we haven’t been to yet.

4. I would like to end bigotry and prejudice but the only way I can do that is by not spreading it around myself.

5. Create a device where you can teleport to see loved ones instanteously instead of flying for hours on end.

I now Nominate 6 bloggers who I say “Thank you” to, as the award is to say thank you. And I will give reasons, not all are for particular blogs, just “Thank You”

1. The Heart of Rev. Eddie Tatro @  –   A man who has shown compassion and courage doing a blog daily during Lent. You do the J man proud!

2.  From the Fog  @ –   A person whom Shaun refered me to but his love of life shines through his writing.

3. My World In Prose @ I think she followed me first or liked something I blogged but I really love her style of writing! I would like to think if we met in real life we’d be good friends. I certainly admire her use of prose!

4. Firsttimefreedom @ She’s even newer to blogging than me but boy, oh boy, does she know how to express herself. I just want to hug her after I read her stuff.

5.Charliespicsandme @ He does some wonderful pictures and I love the stories behind them.

6. Megan @ I love the way that she expresses herself. She loves to share and I want to give her a big “thank you” for deciding to share with wordpress.

I am thanking these 6 personally for sharing what you share with Word Press. I am glad I found you! Great big hugs! Prayingforoneday, I love you like a bro! Thanks for the nomination!

To everyone at Word Press thank you for sharing with every one. I think in your own way, you are helping to make a difference or cast light on subjects with another view which are greatly needed. Thanks for stopping by and reading and sharing!