Morning Rituals

Everybody has a certain something that they like to do in the morning. As for me, I don’t really appreciate being woken up by a whining dog but it’s something that I am used to. I can easily go back to sleep. Poor Adam doesn’t have that sort of ability. He will lie in bed with me until he gets uncomfortable but always tries to get out quietly as not to disturb me. I love that about him. He’s such a sweety. If I try to attempt the same strategy, I epically fail 9 out 10 times. The man sleeps lightly. For once, I am not exaggerating.

After getting up, I usually head to the kitchen for breakfast. This morning, I had to grind more coffee for my coffee machine because I only had beans that needed to be ground. I like to have music on so I popped Pandora radio on my iPhone which I put into Adam’s high jacked  iPhone speaker because good music needs to be blasted. I danced around the house getting ready to eat. We had to put on our sweats because it was a cool 11 c (51.8 F) in the house. Summer has fled our part the world until probably December. I danced as the coffee grinder ground my delicious smelling coffee which was grown in Mullaway. There is a coffee plantation somewhere in our vicinity. I am so glad we learned of it. I put out our cereal and danced while waiting for Adam to join me at the dining table.

Sometimes I make my coffee after brekky as I did today. Adam went to go have his shower and I drink my coffee while deciding what I want to do next. The thing to do today was sit down and type out this blog. It feels like today is going to be a ripper of a day. I know my mom used to say not to sing before breakfast. I have, so let’s hope I prove that old wives’ tale wrong. I don’t want to cry before supper.

I need to go shower now myself but I really love my morning rituals. My mornings are normally spent waking up listening to Mitch whine at me to be let off so he can go have a pee around 6. I then hop back into to bed for a cuddle with Adam or chit-chat then fall back to sleep but hunger always gets me up. We then go to the kitchen and break our fast with cereal. The dogs then get fed by Adam or myself (usually Adam) and I work on doing my cappuccino in a mug. (Muggaccino) There is normally music playing via the iPhone. I know it’s not that earth shattering or exciting but there is something about it that I like doing.

Some people like to start their day with a run or walk but me, a cup of frothy coffee and cuddles always get my day off to the right start!

Do you have any morning rituals that you love?

Frothy Coffee for the Morning Win!

Frothy Coffee for the Morning Win!


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  1. I have a mug with exactly the same quote! I don’t have morning rituals apart from taking a long time to drink my coffee – I’m not exactly a morning person… and especially now that it is getting colder!

  2. We all have rituals we do every day, and some of us don’t even realize it! Great blog!


  3. prayingforoneday

    I get awoken with a handful of tablets and a cup of tea. An hour or so later I lay in a bath till I feel I can walk or be in less pain.

    Before the pain came, I used to awaken and run a few mile with the dogs, then come back and make breakfast for everyone.
    I miss those mornings.
    But I enjoy my new mornings.

    I know a friend of mine, still plays very high level sport, 6 am every morning he goes a 10 mile run. I envy him. But he envies me, as I can lay in bed a little longer 🙂

    Life has a way of making things equal I find. 😉

    Hugs x

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