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Shopping list/ Wish list

Today I went shopping at Coles in Moonee Beach because we were running out of things to eat. Adam stayed home and while I enjoyed shopping I noticed there were some things that I can’t get here in Australia. They do stock Uncle Ben’s rice mixes but what I am desiring is Rice a Roni specifically the Fried Rice. I even checked on but they are out of stock. I asked them to let me know when they have it back in.

I do miss Peter Pan Peanut Butter and only saw it on sale once at Woolworths. At one time the stores actually stocked Cherry Coke. It didn’t stay here long though. I can get it online or maybe even at a speciality lolly shop when I look for it. I have really cut down on my intake of soda though. My first Thanksgiving in Australia, I asked if they had French’s Fried Onions in a can. The stock person looked at me like I was insane.

Another thing that I used to love to get was sloppy joes but here in Australia it is a sweatshirt not a sandwich. I guess I will have to add that to my wish list of American food items. I guess I am going to be making a wish list of things to get from USA Foods. They normally carry long life dry goods. They don’t sell tin biscuits or any dairy items.

When I grew up pudding was not a cake like dish with a sauce, it was more like a custard. Jello is known as jelly here in Australia. Overall, I don’t mind living in Australia. I actually love it but I do miss some of the comfort foods I had from growing up. I still prefer American hot dogs over Australian. The bacon is different but I can get it to get crispy like I am used to.

I am not complaining about living in Australia with the food but you can take the girl out of America but her taste buds still have a hankering for things she grew up with. I will always carry the jingles I grew up with in my head even sharing them with others freely.

“Rice a Roni – The San Fransician Treat”

Angourie Rainforest Retreat

Angourie Rainforest Retreat is not far from Yamba, NSW. It’s less than an hour’s drive from Adam’s and my little piece of paradise. Adam wanted to do something special for us for our anniversary so he booked a spa room for us. It was a really lovely place to stay and I would like to go back again once we have a little bit more money saved up. It has two lovely pools and a day spa. We even did the rainforest walk which was very short. It took us less than five minutes to trek through once we got to it. I think it was there just to give you a taste of what it would be like.

There is a really lovely restaurant named Cunjevoi which we dined at. The special for the night was a 3 course feast and a bottle of wine for $60. It was well worth the money we spent because it was divine. I really regret not taking notes of what we ate but I do have a few pictures. I really need to make sure to journal more so when I blog I can do things more efficiently.

20130730-103804.jpgThis is a picture of the bottle of wine that I had with our meal at the restaurant which was an unwooded Chardonnay. It was yummy. There were notes of white peach and honey dew melon in it.

20130730-103828.jpg This was my main course. I believe it was lamb strap back with potato mash and pea puree. It was very tender and tasty. Adam ordered a side of brocollini with slivered almonds in a herb butter sauce. There was also some asparagus in there but I ate the asparagus since Adam hates it. His loss was my gain.


20130730-103903.jpgAdam’s main was beef with baby spinach and garlic and a potato rosti.

20130730-103920.jpgMy dessert was a take on Apple Crumble with rhubarb compote and Amsterdam fog. I so want to go back just for the Amsterdam fog which was like a meringue with almond liqueur.

20130730-103938.jpg Adam had the chocolate tart with passionfruit curd. I loved the curd. Adam thought the dessert was yummo.

Everything that we had we loved. When we arrived we had lunch poolside. I had a seafood chowder which I would have had again. We had the option to dine in our room if we wanted. I am glad though that we decided to go to Cunjevoi because it made the day all the more special for us. It is winter for us but that didn’t make the day bad. It was quite a beautiful day. We sat in the balcony area listening to the birds enjoying our time out together.  Rain had been forecasted but it held off until Sunday morning, the day we had to check out.

The featured wine was Sirromet. I thought it quite funny because growing up, Adam’s family had a farm near Queanbeyan called Sirroma. It was as if everything came together for us on our anniversary. I will leave you with a video that I took of where we stayed, Room 108 which was fantastic. I really loved our time there and look forward to going back again when it’s warmer so we can play in the pool or I can go to the day spa. Who knows, I might even take more pictures and do another video blog.

Have a great day!