Size Does Matter!

ImageThis beautiful frothy cider was delicious but did you know that I had been  confused about what exactly the order of ordering sizes of drinks were. I have been living in Australia for almost 12 years now. I have been foolish and never thought to ask about the way to order different sizes of drinks at the pub because I am not a huge ale drinker. Yesterday while Adam and I were at Moonee Beach Tavern I decided to order a pint of cider because it was on tap. I assumed that a pint was the smallest but I was wrong. At least I didn’t have to go up to the bar again. The pint lasted me the entirety of our visit for lunch. I asked Adam who suggested that I call our friend Hemmo (Mark Hemmings) because he was a beer connoisseur. I texted him my question, He called me back with the answer. I can’t remember the exact ounces like he gave me but I now know the order of sizes. It goes middies, schooner, pint. I was silly enough to think it went the other way. I am not a huge drinker so Adam and Mark both forgave my ignorance.

When I lived in the states I never went up to the bar and ordered a mug of beer. Adam asked me what I did and I responded,”I just ordered a coke or water, or something with spirits in it.” I am not exactly what you would say if you were to go up to a bar to order beer in the states. Some of the guys that I met at a bar would just order a pitcher of beer . If any man or woman who knows the correct terminology of ordering a beer at a US bar could you please fill me in.


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  1. I’m not a huge connoisseur of beer, so someone more well versed can certainly feel free to correct me. If it’s not on tap, you’re pretty much ordering the bottle. If it is on tap (or draft, if you prefer that terminology) they usually ask if you want a tall glass or not. Short glass are usually 16 oz mugs and tall glasses are 22 oz pilsners (again, someone more knowledgeable, correct me if I’m wrong!) If you’re with a group you can buy a bucket of bottles or a pitcher.

    Anyway, that’s my observation from waiting tables and going out with friends. I usually order cider, a cocktail, or wine depending on the occasion and/or my mood. 🙂

    • Thanks for that Cassie. It has been a long while since i have ordered at a US bar for ages. I never was one to drink beer very much. I love cider though and now that I know the correct size to order I will be doing so if it is on tap.

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