Quote This: Monthly Peace Challenge


For my blind readers who can not see the image the quote reads: Hope is in truth. In the end, strength lies in acceptance. Hope is in truth not fantasy. Peace can not be in craving but in the giving up of desire. – William Horwood from the book Skallagrigg.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to quote for this month’s challenge but when I heard this while listening today with my husband who put me onto this book, I knew it was what I wanted to share. There is so much truth in this message. I had struggled with this one but my solution came thanks to my man. Thanks hunny and Kozo for being the catalyst for bringing about peace, one blog at time as well as a month at time.





About yaussiechick

Dual citizen of Australia and America loving life and wanting to share my love of writing and life with others.

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  1. I love this quotation, Dianna, especially “strength lies in acceptance.” What a great way to view strength. So peaceful. Glad I could be included in your gratitude along with your husband. 🙂
    {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

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