Chance Encounter?

I know it’s not like me to do two blogs in one day but something has happened to me and I wanted to share it because it feels special. I would even venture to say extraordinary. I have noticed that things don’t just happen by chance. I am really realizing this today because there are things that I am feeling very bombarded with but not in a bad way.

I read two blogs earlier or maybe even 3 which really affected me. All 3 were written by fellow bloggers whom I really respect and they have a very loving spirit. The first one was by Anne Birkelo It was something that I really needed to read at the moment and still struggle with a lot but I am trying to rely more on the wonderful Spirit that our Lord has given us because I am trying to be the person that He wants me to be if I only learn to trust in Him more, to surrender all.

The other blog that I read was by Meg at Firsttimefreedom This reminded me that we all have family that we love and long to know better but the one that really smacked me upside my head was by Kozo He posed a really wonderful picture of needing our daily dose of vitamin S. I was trying to think of a really cool response to him but couldn’t think of one when a good friend of mine contacted me on Facebook to let me know that his dad arrived to his home and how happy he was. My friend has a really debilitating autoimmune disorder. His wife is trying to help him with their small children but I think the fact that his father, who traveled all the way to Canada from Australia just to be with them in his most troubled time of need just gave me a wow moment. I am not talking World of Warcraft sort of wow moment but a really goose flesh sort of in awe kind of moment when I knew for certain that there was a higher power out there. I look back on my life and where I thought I was and where I am heading with this hope that I will be able to help others on their journey in this life.

We all need encouragement and the best source I found for encouragement is a good dose of Vitamin S that Kozo blogged about. I found that Vitamin S (the Spirit) while talking with my friend who is in Canada. I try to see the Spirit in every person I encounter and I pray that they will see that same Spirit shining back when they encounter me. I am just a child compared to God and I want to make Him happy because He has blessed me with this wonderful life at this wonderful time. I know I had been very cynical inside but that boost from my friend has buoyed me up as well as these beautiful blogs that I have posted here. I will leave you with a photo I saw on Facebook today.


For those who can not read the image it reads: Dear Lord,

Open my eyes to opportunities to bless others

for Your glory!







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Dual citizen of Australia and America loving life and wanting to share my love of writing and life with others.

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  1. Can’t think of a “cooler” response than this, yaussiechick. The story of your friend reminded me of how my step-father who used to abuse me as a child really stepped up to help me out in a time of need. The Lord does work in mysterious ways, and I am grateful. I see your Spirit and thank you for sharing. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  2. prayingforoneday

    The Brother and sister one got me..
    …being my sister and all 🙂

    The girl has talent..for sure.

    Hope you keeping ok.
    And two blogs in a day?
    MY GOD GO REST.. lol


    • Like I said it was one of those bombardment days.

      • prayingforoneday

        Yeah I was teasing…
        I hope you are ok.. xx

        I am on Skype if you are free..x

      • prayingforoneday

        Yeah we all have them, I was testing.. lol
        Hope you are doing ok..

        On Skype if you are around x

      • Actually out & about in Coffs Harbour so will miss out on the chat

      • prayingforoneday

        Some girls have all the luck 🙂
        Hope you are having fun with the dogs..
        I am SLOWLY starting to walk further with hair ball here, extra 10 minutes day or whatever, if things keep going well, you pay see me walking in Coffs Harbour, Judging by the photos, its an amazing place..
        Lucky you..

        Speak soon xx

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