Oh, the joys of driving can surely drive one insane I swear. The one thing I never expected to find when I moved to Australia was all the roundabouts. When I recall that day I got picked up from Sydney airport on June 29,2001 once I found Adam and Sam, the driver Adam used to collect me, I truly thought I was going to die.  You must remember that I was not used to traveling on the left side of the road. I wasn’t use to seeing all the roundabouts because where I grew up there were no roundabouts, rotaries, or traffic circles. The only two that I knew of in existence were about a 45 minute drive away in a city called Alexandria, Louisiana. Once I-49 was constructed the north one was no longer there but the south one close to the mall was still there. I am not sure if it still is but I can ask a good friend if it is on Facebook or maybe even my niece who now resides in Oklahoma City because she sometimes travels back to Louisiana to visit friends.

There is one place in Australia that I have been to that really is based on roundabouts. It’s the national capital of Australia, Canberra, which was designed by an American! I learned this little tidbit from a tour at Regatta Point. He decided to use these roundabouts for the beauty of it. I recall Adam’s mum telling me how much easier the traffic flow was because of them. When I heard her say that, I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not but from the expression on her face, I would have to think that she was being serious but with Val, it was hard for me to gauge because she was a very private person.

If you click on the above link, you can see the War Memorial as if you were approaching from a roundabout on Anzac Parade which has spectacular views that can be really taken in at the Mount Ainslie lookout which is behind the War Memorial. This city is full of politicians who go round and round. Maybe Mr. Walter Burley Griffin took this into consideration when he designed the capital city. I know when I finally wanted to get some driving practice in I asked Val if I could borrow her car because I was too scared to drive Athol’s, Adam’s dad. She flatly refused to let me do so. She insisted I take Athol’s car because if I could drive it, I could master driving any vehicle I wanted. He owned a huge Ford Crown LTD  while she drove a little Toyota. Athol was happy to hand me over his keys even letting me drive him around Canberra. Good thing Athol owned his own panel beating shop but I didn’t put a dent to his LTD thank GOD!

I find that I would always get endlessly lost when driving in Canberra. I was always getting stuck at London Circuit driving around the roundabouts trying to remember how to get back to Cobby Street where Adam’s parents lived. I did and do enjoy driving. I have finally mastered driving on roundabouts even with GPS which has helped me tremendously since I am the eyes of the operation when we are traveling around. Adam gets to play navigator prompting me if I can’t hear what the GPS has said.

I tolerate roundabouts because I don’t really have a choice in the matter. I don’t think I will ever have the outlook that Val Morris had but that’s ok. I got to marry her boy!


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  1. When I lived in Maine I had NO choice but to get used to rotaries, because they are almost every where in Augusta and Portland and some other areas, though oddly enough not in Bangor.

    Australia is such a beautiful country/continent, I so wish to visit there some day. I should have when I went to Japan, I was close enough but didn’t think. Now I think to much (see what maturity brings you)!

    I enjoyed this very much Dianna!

  2. I had a similar experience when I first got to England! I’d like to visit Australia someday – I didn’t know you folks drive on the left over there too!

  3. The last time I drove in Alexandria, it was still there. Golly, how many years ago was that? Probably back in 2011. They added a traffic circle in Leesville at the junction of 171 and Alexandria Highway. I’ve heard terrible things about it, including log trucks tipping over because the circle isn’t really big enough to accommodate them (it’s smaller than the Alexandria one) yet I also heard they are thinking of adding one near Wal-Mart.

    There are a few tiny round-abouts in Oklahoma City and I know there are some in Tulsa too. The ones in OKC are in Midtown, where traffic isn’t too congested. There’s one near the capital too that is more like the Alexandria traffic circle. I’m kind of ambivalent to them, but I was NOT a fan of the Alexandria one (though not as adverse to it as Aunt Judy!)

    Love you,

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