All That Jazz But The Smooth Makes Me Groove

There are so many things that I love but the thing I love most is my hubby which of course is why I married him. Adam has introduced me to many fine things but the one thing I have to thank him for the most is my love of Smooth Jazz. I love music of most variety but when I hear Smooth Jazz, I automatically think about Adam because he is the one who really helped me listen to it and appreciate it due to his enthusiasm for it.

When he came over to the states after challenging me to challenge him back in April of 2001, he had brought his mp3s over so that I could hear what he enjoyed listening to. I kept most of those songs for the exception of two. It wasn’t through his mp3s that I learned about Smooth Jazz. We would listen to radio stations online as well. We found Smooth because he was telling me about his love of Smooth Jazz. Leesville didn’t have any stations with that sort of genre so we of course had to look online.

I have heard Jazz before but it was more like New Orleans Jazz the brassy bluesy stuff but the jazz Adam was talking about was not like the stuff I was used to. It was softer. It was really an eye opener for me. After Adam returned to Australia, I found myself listening to it more than I ever did before and this one song really made me think of Adam. It still does to this day. Adam loves instrumentals the most and this song I think just fits him to a tea. It could also do with the fact that I would have visions of him at night as a child being my dance partner too. I will leave the conclusions up to you.

Some of my fave smooth jazz artists are Boney James, Pieces of A Dream, Candy Dufler, Chris Botti, Will Downing especially this song:

Incognito, man the list just goes on and on! There is just so much variety I can barely scratch the surface.

I am going to leave you with Get Into My Groove by Incognito! I have this one my mp3s but not the live version. I just love her voice!

It’s amazing the things you can discover if you just open up your mind or broaden your horizons. Great things can happen especially through the power of music!



About yaussiechick

Dual citizen of Australia and America loving life and wanting to share my love of writing and life with others.

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  1. Two blogs in one day and both good!

    Sent from my iPhone 5.

  2. I love your choices here!

  3. prayingforoneday

    The first one is good in the way it is just instrumental, I loved the third one, that lady can sing!! Really like the 3rd song. Meaning and power.
    And “Great things can happen especially through the power of music” < One thing we 100% have in common. She talks of changing the world, and asking a man not to "Fake love her" That was the message the last song gave to me..


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