Grady, The Bane Of Adam’s Life


This is Grady on the very first day I conned my loving husband into taking the fur ball home with us from Grawin. He was 5 1/2 weeks old. Adam left the decision up to me. The ever soft-hearted animal lover melted when I saw the puppies. I had wanted the female of the litter but Opal wanted her so I opted for Grady. I looked at him running around. I asked to hold him and that was it. I wasn’t sure what I was going to name him until I heard a voice in my ear whisper “Grady”. I rushed to the back of the jeep to see if Mitch and Lenny would be ok with the puppy. They sniffed him amicably enough. I asked Adam if we could keep him. His response was he’ll be your responsibility. I knew I probably shouldn’t have taken him home with us but I did because Adam hardly ever tells me no. He loves me and treats me really well. I am very blessed to have him.

I knew Adam didn’t want this newest pup. He put up with him because he loves me. I was the one who dotted on the mutt. I was the one who was excited to see what sort of dog this little puppy would turn out to be. I knew his mother was an Australian Cattle dog but his father was in question. As he grew I wondered. We had two vets. One speculated he was part greyhound. The other one suspected he was Airedale terrier. Adam’s theory though was quite good. He suspected he was part rabbit but sometimes I wonder if he meant rabid. Grady has a small head, long legs and is very fast when he wants to run.

One of the things that I love about Grady is how loyal he can be to me. I was told that Australian Cattle dogs only bond with one or two people. He has certainly bonded with me. He is always happy to see me return and cries if I am gone or leave him behind when we go out.

Grady tries to be the alpha with the two labs. Lenny will not condone that sort of behaviour but Mitch, the ever-loving lab, let’s the little mutt do what ever he likes to Mitch. Mitch puts up with it. This is something that I know Adam really dislikes about Grady. Grady always picks on Mitch. He always has since he was taken from him mum.  He also likes to use Mitch or Lenny as a bean bag. I asked our vet if that was a sign of dominance. The vet thought it was just a puppy being a puppy but it’s something that Grady does to Mitch the most. Lenny will always move but Mitch just lies and takes it.  This photo was taken late last year. He has always done this since he was around 6 months old.

Mitch the bean bag dog for Grady the terrorist.

Mitch the bean bag dog for Grady the terrorist.

Chase a dog we fostered for a week.

Chase a dog we fostered for a week.

I tried fostering another dog after we moved up to our piece of paradise on the mid north coast of NSW. Grady and Chase used to butt heads especially on the beach when it came to sticks and fetching. Chase wouldn’t ever back down where Mitch or Lenny would acquiesce to the little brute. He can be very snarky with balls or sticks or food… well just about anything that he wants to dominate.  This trait Adam despises the most in Grady. I really can’t say that I blame Adam for feeling this way.

We know better than to try to feed Grady with Mitch and Lenny. He is normally fed in the bathroom while Mitch and Lenny are fed in the laundry. When it comes to feeding time, he has to be put in the bathroom first because if Mitch or Lenny try to make it to the laundry before he gets to the bathroom it’s all over red rover for the labs. Grady becomes Hitler. We think it’s the cattle dog in him. When we lived in Werrington though, they were pretty much all fed together because there was enough space but our laundry here just doesn’t have the space which is why we opted for the bathroom.

I often wonder if I had created this monster in Grady. I know sometimes when things don’t go my way, I get snarky too but I don’t mind sharing for the most part. His behavior can be a bit sporadic. If he sees people running on the beach and he isn’t chasing a stick, he will try to nip the person’s calf. I hate this. I asked our vet about it and he said it was part of the cattle dog in him. He thinks it’s his job to herd things along so this must be why he can be such a bastard to Mitch or Lenny.

I am pretty sure our neighbours are scared of him. He can be Mr. Intimidation easily. He bullies Mitch and Lenny when it comes to food.  I try not to condone that sort of behaviour. Adam thinks I molly coddle him too much.

If it had been up to Adam, Grady would have never made it into our family. I knew he didn’t want him from the get go but I wanted what I wanted so I took full advantage of the situation. I never regretted my decision until the attack on the kangaroo that took place. In that horrifying moment and the hours that unfolded afterwards, I really thought I had made a huge mistake taking in this heathen dog who had a mean streak in him. Adam was in Coffs Harbour attending a class with Lenny which was a blessing because if I had to deal with all three dogs and the kangaroo, I am not sure how I would have dealt with the situation. Lenny could have been killed. If that had happened, I would have had a hard time forgiving myself.

Overall, I still adore Grady but I see him as a bully to Mitch. Lenny will not tolerate Grady trying to dominate him. Don’t get me wrong, Mitch and Grady use to sleep together while Grady was growing up. They all play well together. They love each other and their humans. I just think Grady will forever be the bane in Adam’s life. He only tolerates him because I love the dog.  Grady loves Adam but loves me more. Who can blame him for loving me more though? I am the one who doted on him constantly.



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  1. prayingforoneday

    I love how you talk about the dogs as if they are kids.
    And I will explain why, when I had my 2 dogs, to me they were kids.
    Just 4 legged ones, who still eat stuff and made a mess. lol

    We are going to the Cat and Dog home today, I have decided, I am getting a dog and am going to start walking a bit. Baby steps at first. I need to move and get myself ready for Soccer.
    So soon, we can share Dog stories.. 🙂


    • They are my kids in a lot of ways. I am sure you will have lots of fun interacting with your children of all species! I can’t wait to read about all the ups & downs of your newest family member!

      • prayingforoneday

        Yeah, the kids painting it red and stuff, lol. We are not 100%. The cat and dog home is a rescue centre, But sometimes have Puppies, so we will have a look and get the right dog for me, the kids and the house.

        I soooo want a great dane 😦
        Miss Shaun would SOOOO hit me if I did.. lol

        I really am envious. I miss having a dog BADLY. I spent my whole life with dogs, last 3 years, no dog. =Crapness. So that needs fixed. We SHALL!!! Share dog stories and picture we will!! lol


      • It’s gonna be sooooooo Shweeeeet!

      • prayingforoneday

        What? Bathing a Red painted Dog every morning ? PMSL..

        Yeah I know, will be good fun…


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