Daily Archives: March 16, 2013

Black Cockatoos Coming To Roost

Yesterday evening I decide to make dinner on the Barbie. We have a nice back deck and since summer is coming to an end it’d be great to use the deck as much as possible because we aren’t sure how many more warm evenings we’ll be having.  Adam was sitting on the swing while I was at the table. We had finished eating and were listening to the birds when I noticed all the black cockatoos coming to the huge gum tree at 8 Orchid Road which is 2 doors down or up from our place depending on how you look at it.  I had my iPhone with me and took this video.

There was also a Currawong call in there because one was on 10’s antenna. You can hear cicadas and crickets  join the cacophony of sound which I love so much. Since I couldn’t figure out the zoom on the video part of my iPhone, I ran into the house and grabbed my Pentax that I used it for this close up.

I have never noticed so many black cockatoos coming in to roost at 8. At one point there was 12 that I counted. I was thankful for being able to do so last night. I want to get dinner done earlier tonight so that I can try to set up a tripod so that my video won’t be so shaky. It’s kinda hard to do great video when your hand is shaking.

As the sun was going down, I noticed the stars coming out one by one. Amazing! I was blown away. I actually began to notice a constellation coming out. Then the flying foxes (bats) were flying over and I was agog. I am really very blessed to be where I was. I felt like a little kid. I hadn’t taken time to notice the beauty of dusk. I would have stayed out longer but the mozzies (mosquitos) were eating me. I didn’t put on any Aeroguard. I took it for granted (the beauty of dusk) and pray I will be able to capture the dusk again today with all the wonder that I found last night.

Where ever you are in your part of the world, enjoy the beauty that it beholds. Much love and peace, Yaussiechick

black cockatoos