My Blessings With Two Kangaroo Terrorists

Yesterday the sun was out. Adam and Lenny had gone to Coffs Harbour for his course. Our other two dogs, Mitch and Grady, were needing a nice walk. I thought since it seemed to be such a lovely day, I would take my two dogs out and let them go for a free run at a spot we frequent. I am very lucky to live close to many beaches that are leash free. I decided to take the route that would have us go through Mullaway Caravan park onto Cabin’s Beach. We’d walk along take the path that would put us up on the headland walk that would take us to Darkum Creek. I made sure to wear jellys because it was going to be very muddy due to all the rain we had. We’ve gone this way many times. The dogs love to roam and Grady is forever wanting to fetch. When we walk on the headland though I don’t throw the stick that he normally brings me because it’s too hard to do with all the trees and shrubs. We are heading toward the beach again. I hear Mitch barking furiously. Grady isn’t interested in the stick anymore due to Mitch’s barking. I am walking at a leisurely pace but when I hear the two of the barking I start calling to them to come to me. I see what Mitch is excited about. It’s a grey kangaroo by a banyan tree. He’s tall. I know he’s over 5’6″ because I am that tall. If I were to stand up beside him he would tower over me.

Stupidly, I take out my mobile phone to record this when I see Grady terrorising the kangaroo. All three of them head down to the water. I am screaming for the dogs to stop. Panic is racing through me. I said out loud, “This is why you should never let your dog of the lead.” I am trying to figure out the best way to defuse the situation.

Grady has a mean streak in him but on this occasion, I am stunned to see how vicious he is. They are in the surf. Mitch is barking egging Grady on. Grady is jumping trying to get the roo. The roo is trying to catch Grady but with the two of them going at him he feels trapped. The roo goes down in the surf. Grady has him by the neck. They are all fighting for their lives. I can see the blood lust in Grady. Mitch is trying to bite the roo too but not on the neck. He is more playful if that is even possible. I can see the roo looking at me pleading. I grab for Mitch first but then decide it best to go for Grady because of the blood lust. I don’t know how I manage to grab the grey and white terrorist but I have. I put the double lead on him pulling him away. I am still yelling for them to leave the roo alone. I try calling to Mitch in a more calmer tone so that I don’t sound so deranged. It’s not working. He’s still trying to get the roo. I only have the lead with the double lead attached to it. I know I can’t take Grady back towards the roo to get to Mitch because he’s still wanting to get to it. My coaxing isn’t working on Mitch. Nobody else is around to help so I frantically look around trying to figure out how to secure Grady praying out loud to God to keep all the animals alive and to Mitch to leave the roo alone.

I see another tree with a branch hanging down closer to the headland. I scurry with Grady trying to escape me to the tree. I hold Grady by collar as well as scruff of his neck so that he doesn’t slip his collar while I unclasp the double lead from the lead. I secure the lead looping it through it’s handle to the tree. I clip Grady to the tree heading back to collect Mitch with the double lead.

The poor roo is exhausted. He has been struggling for at least 5 minutes. It must have seemed much longer to him. I can see the pleading in his eyes as Mitch keeps nipping at him trying to get him up again. I have to be careful that I don’t scare the roo more or get hurt because he wants to lash out. I don’t really blame him. I grab Mitch by his tail clipping him with the double lead using all my strength to get him away from the roo. He’s 31 kg.

I go for my shoes and the mobile phone I had removed from my pocket after realizing I had it on me.  I had gone in the surf with it then ran back out because I didn’t want to ruin it. I check the phone which luckily is still functioning. After putting on my shoes as well as collecting Grady, I walk us back home. Mitch was bleeding and Grady got flailed. I am crying but I want to try to help the roo. I call our vet and ask for the number to WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue Education Services). I rang the number given. It took a little while to answer. Megan was great asking me to slow down. I was really in a state. I explained that there was a roo who had been attacked by my dogs. She took my number. I got the dogs home rinsed them off to try to figure out how badly they were injured. I called the vet and then Megan called me back. She asked how I was and that she was getting some one to come out to look. I then got another call which was from one of the rescuers. I asked if I could come and help him find the roo. I wanted to see the outcome. We decided to meet at the Caravan Park. Another lady pulled up and said she was with WIRES. I explained the situation. She asked me to get in her car and we met Brian up near Darkum Headland Road.

When we finally got to the beach where I had left the injured roo, we found him up on the beach but he was dead. Brian explained to me that they may be huge animals but they have tiny hearts. We imagined he died from the shock. We saw the puncture wounds from Grady but it didn’t look fatal. Chris drove me home and I took the dogs to the vet.

Mitch needed stitches for the puncture wound he received. Grady, on the other hand, had to be sedated because they had to remove the skin that was hanging off of him. They kept Grady over night at the vets. Mitch was very stiff toward the end of the night. This morning Mitch is getting around pretty well. I have just picked up Grady from the vet.

I have learned quite a few lessons in less than 48 hours. I will need to keep an extra lead with me so that I can intervene more efficiently when it comes to my dogs. I don’t think I will let my dogs off lead very much now but if I do, Grady will be muzzled. I don’t like seeing that side of him.

My vet said something yesterday to me and looking back now I know he was right. He is only an animal doing what he instinctively wants to do. Yesterday, I was ready to put Grady down. Today I am glad he’s still alive. I am not sure if he knows how lucky he was because in all rights he should have been dead because roos will try to drown their attackers. The vet nurse revealed that fact to me today.

I want to be a responsible pet owner. Dogs are an introduced species to Australia for the most part. I am also hoping to become a WIRES volunteer.   We only have one planet and we need to protect it.

Grady the kangaroo terrorist

Grady the kangaroo terrorist

Grady's right side

Grady’s right side

Mitch got off pretty lightly

Mitch got off pretty lightly

Both of my dogs were very blessed not to be killed. I feel bad about the kangaroo. He was just wanting to survive. I will try to be more responsible about the way I do things with my dogs because I don’t want another repeat of what happened. I don’t like the idea of having kangaroo terrorists for pets. I know some may think kangaroos are pests but they lived here first.

We are stewards of our planet. I need to do my part. I am blessed to still have my two roo terrorists and my own life.



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  1. prayingforoneday

    I am glad the dogs are ok, and you also, sometimes it is shit when Animals die.
    But all is ok, and it is some story.

    Shaun x

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