Humourous Double Meanings

What do you think of when I say on the game?
I’ll never forget the expression a co-worker had when I was working at the Equipment Resource Centre asked me what I was doing on the weekend and I replied, “Oh I was on the game.” I then explained that I had been playing Everquest with my sister in the United States. I had only been in Australia for just over a year and was still getting used to the double meanings certain sayings had. When I got home that evening, I told Adam about the reaction I had from my co-worker. He then explained to me my faux pas. My husband explained to me why my co-worked had such a shocked expression. She thought I was saying that I was a prostitute. I was meaning that I was gaming online.
Another funny thing that has happened to me was when I was on the phone with a man whom Adam knew as a child in Canberra. I was talking to him on the phone and was saying I was so pissed. The man started laughing as if I said the most funniest thing. Adam is saying in the background, “pissed off say you’re pissed off.”
I then clarify the situation, I was so pissed off. Apparently being pissed is another way of saying you are drunk in Australia.
The most classic as well as most embarrassing double meaning of a word is fanny. I have to say when I blurted this one out, I wished the world had swallowed me whole. Shall I let you all in on my huge blooper? Of course I will.
This happened one time before I had even gotten my driver’s license so it was also within the first or second year time frame of my arrival to Australia permanently. We were living in an inner western suburb of Sydney. Since Adam is blind, we get free travel on the train, bus, and ferry network in NSW. We wanted to go to the beach but I hated the idea of going to Bondi or Maroubra because it was so crowded. We decided to take a train to Thirroul because it is not as crowded. The ride took about an hour. I am walking us down toward the beach. Adam pipes up, “Are we going by a huge truck? I can hear it’s engine.” I respond in a quite heated yell, “My fanny, that’s the ocean!” “What did you say?” I replied all the louder so that the entire neighbourhood would hear. “MY FANNY! MY BUM! MY BUTT! MY POSTERIOR! It’s the ocean!”
Adam smiles cheekily. “Di, do you know what fanny means here in Australia.” “I just told you didn’t I?” He points down below to my crotch. I am turning three shades of red. There are children around us walking towards the beach as well. They are laughing and snickering. Thank goodness I still have my American accent so I can get away with my big blunder.
Even though Australians speak English the meanings can be quite different. I gave you three great examples but my most favorite one has to be the last I gave.
Now I am the one doing more explaining of what I am saying to friends and family back in the states but every once in a while, Adam or his best mate, Mick, will educate me on the Australian lingo that I haven’t gotten a handle of. Hey, Michael Scott, when you heading back to Coffs Harbour to continue my education in double meanings?


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  1. -laughs- I loved that. Being from Australia, I am always having to explain the meanings of words here, that differ in other countries.

    To help, check out my blog on That’s not a shrimp, its a prawn!

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