My Miracle Through Social Media

The other day, I was on Facebook just goofing around not expecting to have anything special happen when for kicks, I decided to try find friends which I had done a few years previously with the results of nothing but broken heartedness.

My tale isn’t really that special but to me and my best friend, Theresa, from USL, it is a miracle! When I plugged in her name in the search box and it brought up her name and her current location. I knew I hit the jackpot. There she was in her hometown and I was half a world away in a life that I didn’t think  could get any better but the other day it did!

I quickly wrote a friend’s request praying she would respond quickly and be just as anxious to reconnect. It happened that the day of our reconnection if it went according to my plan would be her birthday for me.  (The beauty of living in Australia is that you are half a day ahead of the United States.  You often get birthday greetings from family and friends a day late but in a way it’s good because you get celebrations for 2 days instead of just one!) I would be connecting with her on her time zone the day before which I thought would be a kicker.

I am waiting anxiously for a response. I have left Facebook on my mobile (cell phone for US citizens) and can’t sleep in late because I am so anxious, excited, as well as worried about if she will or won’t except my friend request.  It’s 5:30 in the morning. I quickly grab my mobile to see if perchance there has been a message. I see I have been poked! I quickly snatch my phone off the charger and squeal with delight.

It turns out my bestie was just as anxious to find me as I was to find her. Through the years of trying to stay in contact with each other, life happened and addresses get lost but thanks to the miracle of social media, I have my soul sister back! I am vowing not to lose her again. When I asked her when she had returned back to Louisiana it turned out to be in 2002. I left Louisiana in 2002 to marry Adam but neither one of us girls had forgotten each other. In our own ways we held on to hope that one day our paths would cross again.

I rang her up and we cried. We laughed. We found out just how much we meant to each other. I am sure that this has happened to numerous people before me and will happen to numerous people after me.

I am just marvelling at the time I am living in. The capacity technology has and the complexity of love and friendship. If I had been born 20 years earlier, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I wouldn’t have found my husband or be living where I am living. I don’t think that I would be as happy as I am now. I don’t think I would be back in contact with my bestie.

I know the skeptics out there are cursing me and my naivety. The cynics are gnashing their teeth but I laugh because I am ever the optimist. I try to keep a positive attitude. Even if I, myself, turn cynical something happens and  my internal optimist takes over. I don’t think it’s a bad thing.  I am so happy and pleased about my turn of events that I had to share it with the world!


About yaussiechick

Dual citizen of Australia and America loving life and wanting to share my love of writing and life with others.

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